The Zero $ Digital Marketing Kit for Your Start-up

I am a big fan of digital marketing tools. These tools allow me to perform a variety of tasks without depending on programmers and designers. Therefore, I got into this habit of bookmarking whenever I come across a new tool.

Over the time I have accumulated a huge list of tools that can do any digital marketing task that you can imagine.

In this post I have listed some free digital marketing tools that can help you to get online, reach your customers and measure impact.

So, here we go!  

Designing Your Website


Option 1: WordPress

Start with WordPress. It’s the CMS that runs TechCrunch, BBC America, and Best Buy. It is completely free, easy to learn, and there are tons of free themes available for customization. In addition, there are tons of free plug-ins that allow you to add various dynamic features to your site.

Download WordPress

Learn WordPress

Explore free themes

Option 2: Google for Small Businesses

This option is India only.

If you are looking for a simpler website Google has a plan for small businesses. You sign up for Google’s ‘Get Your Business Online’ plan and get a free website and hosting place. This is a template-based service and comes with some limitations.

Go to Google’s ‘Get Your Business Online.’

Hosting Your Website


After designing your site, you’ll need a place to host it.

If you need a static website:

Hostt: Hostt is probably one of the  most popular services out there. It was featured by biggies like Inc, Forbes and Entrepreneur. Hostt provides you with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 support among many other features. In their word “It’s absolutely FREE and you can use it for as long you like. Your FREE account will not expire, nor we will force you to upgrade after a trial period.” Provides free hosting services with no ads. They seem to be quite popular among review sites.


If you need a cloud service:

AWS Activate: it’s a program offered by Amazon. All start-ups can apply for the Self-Starter package. Includes AWS free usage tier and one month AWS support.

Google Cloud Platform: Google provides $500 in credit to launch your idea. Using the Google Cloud Platform start-ups can build, test and deploy applications on Google’s infrastructure. 

Microsoft Biz Spark: If you are privately held tech start-up, less than five years old earning less than a million a year, you can get up to $750 free Azure Cloud Service for three years.  



Once people start visiting your website, you’ll need to know more about them. Here are the free tools you can use to get the job done.

Google Analytics: GA Needs no introduction. It’s the most widely used web analytics tool in the world and entirely free.

Piwik: If you prefer an open source option, try Piwik. Since it is open source, you can customize it to meet your exact needs.

Heat Maps: If you want to understand your users better you will need something more than analytics. Heat Maps is a tool developed by folks at App Sumo that allows you to see what your visitors do in your website.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools

Now, let’s make your offerings popular, shall we? Here are the tools you can use to take your product/service to the next level.

A/B Testing: A/B testing is a simple concept that allows you to decide, of two versions, which works best. Here are the options for you:

Genetify: This is the only truly free tool I could find. The developers claim it to be comparable to commercial services like Optimost and Maxymiser. However, I was not able to make the ‘interactive demo’ provided on its homepage work.

Optimizely: If you are looking for an easier tool Optimizely is for you. It comes with an easy to use visual editor and free up to 50,000 unique visitors per month.

Landing Page: If you are running online ads it is always a better idea to drive your traffic to a landing page instead of your website’s homepage.

Kickoff Labs: Kickoff Labs allows you to create one hosted page free of cost. If you are looking for more,  all landing page providers give you a ‘one-month free trial.’

Marketing Automation: Marketing automation tools allow you to do multiple tasks such as lead tracking, email, social media management, live chat and son on from a single platform.

Interakt: Interakt is free up to 500 leads and 1500 e-mails. With this tool you can:

  • Capture and nurture leads
  • View and analyze user data
  • Launch e-mail campaigns
  • Inform users with live notifications
  • Engage your visitors with live chat
  • Set up a helpdesk to support your customers

MailChimp: If you need to send more emails than 1500 provided by Inteakt, MailChimp is the tool for you. Its free plan allows you to send 12,000 mails to up to 2,000 contacts.  

Mondovo: Mondovo is a new tool launched by an India based company that you should look out for. The free plan comes with 750 reporting units (reporting units are basically currency that you use to generate reports in Mondovo). With this tool you can:

  • Monitor ranking
  • Link Research
  • Audit websites
  • Perform on-page analysis
  • Perform keyword research
  • Access various analytics from one dashboard (Facebook, Twitter, Google)
  • Create bulk metrics reports

Additional Tools

Additional tools

Here are some more tools that you might find useful:

Wistia: If you are not happy with YouTube for your video hosting needs, try Wistia. Wistia has a free plan where you can upload up to 50 videos with a 200GB bandwidth limit.

Canva: Sixty-three percent of social media is made up of images…Buffer Blog

This means that you need to create strong visuals to go with your content.

Canva is a tool that allows you to create professional looking visual content without any design knowledge. They even have a series of tutorials to help you learn the basics of design.

Quotescover: Everybody loves a good quote. Quotesover is a great tool to create eye-catching quotes that can bring much-needed engagement to your social media pages.

Keyword Tool: Want an easy way to find what your audience is searching for? Keyword Tool can generate up to 750 suggestions for every keyword. 

SEO Tool for Excel: What if I tell you, that you can do all your SEO research right from your Excel spreadsheet? The SEO Tool for Excel exactly does that. It is a completely free, but very powerful tool created by Niels Bosma.

Re:splashed: Hate stock photos? Re:splashed has 600+ free HD images that you can use any way you want.

Buffer: Probably one of the easiest Social Media management tools out there. The free plan is more than enough for a start-up 

Cyfe: Do you need an all in one dashboard to monitor your key data? Head over to Cyfe and sign-up for their free plan.

Hope you found these tools to be useful.

Do add the tools that you think should feature in this list.

Image credit: All images are sourced from re:splashed.

Main image: Jeff Sheldon

Design you website: Alejendro Escamilla

Hosting your website: Aleksi Tappura

Analytics: Jeff Sheldon

Marketing tools: Jeff Sheldon

Additional tools: Glen Carrie