The Zero Dollar Guide to Learning Digital Marketing

What does it take to learn digital marketing?

That’s an interesting question and the answer is ‘Yes you can.


The amazing thing about digital marketing is that people are ready to share everything they know about the subject for free.
Having said that, you need to understand that digital marketing is not a stand-alone skill. 

As a digital marketer, you will need to acquire a set of skills and combine them to deliver results. 

These skills include (and not limited to): 
•    Coding 
•    SEO 
•    PPC 
•    Social Media Marketing 
•    Digital Analytics 
•    Design 
•    Inbound Marketing 
•    E-mail Marketing 
Here’s a list of free resources that you can use to develop digital marketing skills.  

The Resources 


When I say coding I am limiting myself to HTML & CSS. 

There is a lot more to explore if you are technically inclined. 

HTML and CSS are easy to learn languages and will come handy when you start learning SEO. 
The knowledge of HTML and CSS will also help you to manage your communication better when working with developers. 
You can go to W3 School website to learn the basics for free: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials   
If you prefer videos, here’s a course from The New Boston: 


Once you are familiar with HTML basics start with SEO. Here are some good places to get started. 



Knowledge of PPC or pay-per-click marketing is a must-have skill for digital marketers.Here are some free resources to learn SEO:

Social Media Marketing


Start with understanding the value of social media and then learn how the major platforms work.  Here are some free resources to get started: 

Digital Analytics 


Knowledge of digital analytics will enable you to make sense of the campaigns you run. Here are some free resources to get started: 



Thanks to Canva, now anyone can create eye-catching visual assets. 

Go through free tutorials available at Canva Design School to learn about concepts like color schemes, typography, designing with shapes and so on. 

Graphic Design Tutorials By Canva 

Inbound Marketing 


Inbound Marketing involves attracting customers by delivering quality content rather than bombarding them with sales messages. 

Hubspot offers a: Free Online Marketing Training | Inbound Certification 

E-mail Marketing


No, e-mail marketing is not dead. Companies like App Sumo rely heavily on e-mails to run their businesses. 

Here’s a free e-book to get you started: Email Marketing Essentials: The Keys to Email Marketing that Works  

In addition, keep an eye on the Email1k course. It’s currently sold out, but you can subscribe next time it’s available: Email1K: Double Your Email List in 30 Days  


End Note 

Do you agree with this guide? 

Have I left out anything good? 

Add it in the comments section.