3 Design Apps to Turn Your Phone into a Marketing Machine

Your smart-phone is more powerful than you imagine.With a number of design apps at disposal,  it has the potential to be a great companion to the modern visual storyteller.

These design apps enable you to create professional quality visual content in just a few taps

In this post, I am going to list out three such design apps that I use on a regular basis

WordSwag: WordSwag is one of the highest rated design apps (4.4 on Google Play) that is capable of making eye-catching quotes and text layouts. This app is super easy to use.

You start with selecting a photo, either from your album, WordSwag library or inbuilt Pixabay search functionality.

WordSwag – designer text for your pictures from Benjamin Wong on Vimeo.

Next, you select the text that you want on the image. WordSwag comes with a library of some awesome quotes that you can choose on a single tap.

If you want your own text, you are free to type it out or paste it from another source.

Once you have the text right you can play around with vast option of fonts, font styles, and photo filters.

Save the final design and you are ready to post it to the social network of your choice, right from the app.

WordSwag Design Apps
Made with WordSwag


WordSwag is a premium app available for both Android and iOS users.

Notegraphy: Notegraphy defines minimalism when it comes to design apps

You start with a blank canvas where you can type or paste your text and hit the ‘Style It” button.

What happens next is pure magic. Notegraphy will create these surreal designs that are unlike anything I’ve seen before.

 Notegraphy design apps
Made with Notegraphy

If you are a fan of all those minimalist takes at famous book covers and movie posters , you’ll fall in love with Notegraphy right away!

Notegraphy is a free tool available on Web, Android, and iOS.

Legend: Sometimes you need a little more than a static image and Legend enables you to do that.

It’s a cool design app that makes it easy to create beautiful text animations.

The process for creating a ‘Legend’ is quite similar to the first two apps.

Made with Legend

You start with the text you want to appear, select a background or image (upload from gallery or search from Flickr) and finally choose an animation style.

Hit publish and  you have a beautifully animated clip ready to be shared in the social network of your choice.

Legend is a free app available on Android and iOS.

Did you find these apps to be useful?

Let me know.