How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Promotion

Imagine you own a small restaurant (or any other business for that matter!).

And to attract customers you decide to use Facebook advertising.

You create a page and use Facebook page promotion to get more followers. 

You do get a lot of followers.

But something smells  fishy:

You do not see any increase in walk-ins!  

Sounds familiar?

It does sound to me, at least.

Facebook page promotion
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This is what I exactly did when I started (only it wasn’t a restaurant) using Facebook page promotion.

In this post, I am listing the steps that I learned from a lot of trial and error (and discussions with the Facebook team) which will help you to get the most out of your Facebook page promotion campaign. 

These are the steps I followed to build a 140K+ strong page in one of my assignments.

In this post I’ll tell you:

  • How to set up a Facebook business account
  • How much will it cost to promote your page
  • How to target your audience

So, let’s go:

Step#1 Set up Your Facebook Page Promotion 

If you are a small business, I’ll advise that you sign up with the Facebook small business program.

A Facebook business account (known as the Facebook Go Program in India) gives you access to a Facebook Advertising Specialist for 30 days.

In Facebook’s word, the Advert Specialist will:

  • Help you develop a customized strategy for advertising on Facebook
  • Provide guidance on creating targeted adverts
  • Help you measure and optimize campaign performance

You don’t have to break the bank either.

You just need to commit to a daily spend of Rs 500 (USD 9 approx) for 30 days.

In addition, at the end of the first month Facebook will give you advertising coupons worth Rs 3,000 (USD 45 approx) for free!

Click here to know more about the Facebook Go program.

Note: If this is your first attempt at Facebook page promotion follow these steps to get started.

1.Go to the drop down on the top right corner of your Facebook page and select the ‘Create Ads’ option.  

Facebook settings tab
Fig 1

2. On click you’ll be prompted to select your objective. Select the option that suites you the most. 

Facebook objective page
Fig 2

Since, I want to get more followers; I’ll choose the ‘Promote Your Page’ option.

Step#2 Build Your Audience

Facebook provides a number of options that you can use to target a particular set of people.

Let’s see how to use these options.

Say your restaurant is located at Brookfield, Bangalore, and you serve healthy combo meals.

Here’s how I’ll go with the targeting:

Locations: Decide where your ad should show up. In this example, I’ll choose Bangalore, as I only have a single outlet.

Age: I’ll choose 18-45,  as that’s the age group I generally see visiting my restaurant.

You’ll, of course, choose an audience based on your understanding.

Languages: I’ll leave it blank as language targeting is only useful if you are promoting a language specific product, for example, a Hindi newspaper.

Generation: I’ll leave this blank, as this option is only available for US.

More Demographics: The ‘More Demographics’ section gives you an array of targeting options like: 

  • Relationship
  • Education
  • Work
  • Ethnic Affinity
  • Generation
  • Parents
  • Politics
  • Life Events

Out of these, I’ll use ‘Work’ and ‘Life Events’ to target my audience.

I’ll target people working in companies like Intel, IBM, Accenture and colleges like CMRIT at the close proximity of my restaurant.

Facebook Work-space Targeting
Facebook Work-space Targeting

I’ll use the ‘Life Events’ option to target people who are away from hometown, as they will have a greater probability of eating out. 

Facebook life event targeting option
Facebook life event targeting option
Facebook audience definition
Facebook audience definition

With these filters now I have a targeted audience of 8,500. You can  play with these filters per your need to increase or decrease the number.

Step#3 Target Setting and Budget Allocation

It’s always a good idea to set a goal and work backward to arrive at a budget.

In my experience a page like costs anything between Rs 4.50 to Rs10.00 in India.

Therefore, if you consider Rs.10.00 as the upper limit, you can expect to get 1,500-2,000 likes at the end of your one month campaign.

This is a ballpark. With a targeted audience you should be able to do much better than this. 

Facebook provides you with a lot of data that you can use to improve your ad and get more followers. 

You should look at this data and decide what is working for you.

In my upcoming posts I’ll talk about these aspects.

Till then, all the best with your page promotion.