3 Ways to Create Unique Content for Your Start-up

We all know that content marketing is the latest craze. With Google rolling out updates after updates, there is no other way but create quality content to attract traffic.

But the problem is, as start-ups, how can we compete with the big guys?

(Full disclosure, I don’t work for a start-up at the moment, but we act like one.)

We don’t have an army of content developers like them, neither we are so famous (yet) that the guest bloggers will line up. 

If these are the questions bothering you too, I will show you how to create unique content from what you already have!  

So without delay here are the suggestions!

Create Unique Videos

Video is a very powerful but underused tool. Dropbox said that it was able to increase its beta waiting list from 5,000 to 75,000 overnight with a simple video.

The main reason we don’t use videos often because when we say video we think of a full-blown shoot. However, here are some ideas for creating unique video content:

  • Influencer interviews: Do you have a mentor? Do you have a go-to person for your problems? Do you know some experts from your industry? Request them to record short videos with you.
  • Customer Interviews: The advantage of being a start-up is that we know our customers (literally). Request a few of your customers to record short videos with you. These videos can do wonders to your engagement with your customers too.
  • Time lapse videos: Cameras like ‘Go Pro’ allows time-lapse photography at a very low-cost. Time lapse videos can transform even mundane looking situation to something interesting. If you are a tech company set up a camera when you do your next sprint to show how the feature is built. If you are manufacturing company, you can use it in your workshop to show how the product (or a part) comes to life.
  • Industry roundups: A lot of review sites like IGN and Pocket Now do ‘Daily Fix’ videos where they share curated news in a short video. You can also create ‘Weekly Fix’ if not ‘daily fix’ video where you share news and trends relevant to your industry.

            Example of a Daily Fix video.

  • Team videos: Wistia a company that provides corporate video hosting service does a great hob with this. They even release a music video, at the end of the year, showcasing their achievements during the year. This is a technique you can apply easily. Just round-up your team members and ask them to share their expertise.

 Team Wistia at work 

  • Explainer Videos: Explainer videos can be a fun way of letting know people how to use your product or service. You can create such videos yourself using a tool like PowToon. If you are short on time you can also work with a creative agency like Wildbeez, who can make one for you at a fairly low-cost.  

Here’s an explainer video created for us by Wildbeez

Leverage Meetings

Yes, you heard me right! Meetings; the same ones; we all secretly wish will go away someday. FOREVER!

Jokes apart! Look at it this way.

Why do we have meetings?

We try to solve a problem or at least try to come up with a plan.

Why not use the ideas generated during the meetings to create content?

How about an infographic with the minutes of the meeting? Here’s one we did recently based on the minutes of a particular  meeting.


An infographic based on minutes of a meeting
An infographic based on minutes of a meeting


Or a blog post on the proposed action plan? 

Here’s a post I wrote based on the outcomes of one of our meetings.

A post based on outcomes of a meeting
A post based on the outcomes of a meeting


Re-purpose Existing Content

Don’t just stop once you create a piece of content. Look for ways in which you can re-purpose it.

Re-purposing is one of the techniques we use often at NEN to generate quality content for the Entrepreneur Academy blog.

We at NEN have a long history of conducting webinars. Typically a webinar is attended by about 100 people.  

Once the webinar is over, we share the recordings to anyone who’ve missed it.

After a few days, we convert the session into a blog post. This is where the magic starts to begin. This posts usually gets thousands of views and are shared across social media channels by readers.

Next, we create a SlideShare out of this blog post.

A good SlideShare presentation has immense potential to go viral.

We have landed on the SlideShare homepage more than 15 times and have attracted 300K+ views in over a year.

Our best-re-purposed webinar has given us 6491 views in the form of a post and 81,466 views in the form of a SlideShare so far. 

So as you can see, with this trick we were able to attract 88,000+ views with a single piece of source content.

Click here to read my post “HOW WE GENERATED 88K+ VIEWS: WITH 1 PIECE OF CONTENT”

Summing it Up

In my opinion, the Google updates are the best things that can happen to honest marketers like us. We don’t have to worry about black hat techniques used by slimy competitors anymore.

Just stick to basic SEO principles and create honest, high-quality content.

May the force be with you!